Welcome to Nick Tanner Translation

Professional German to English Translations for End-users and Translation Companies


I’m a native English speaker, based in Reigate in Surrey,  offering translation of German into English for End-users and Translation Companies.

My formal qualifications are an MA in Translation from the University of Surrey and a degree in Modern & Medieval Languages from the University of Cambridge.

I have over 30 years of business experience including running a successful international market research agency and a wine import business.


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What I Do

I offer quality translation of German texts into English, including:

*  Full text translation
*  Document summaries & key points
*  Translation checking and back-translation
*  Editing documents written in English by
non-native speakers

My specialisms are:

*  Market Research
*  Marketing, Advertising & PR
*  General business documents



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My Approach

My translations are designed to meet the needs of your intended audience whilst accurately reflecting the communication aims of the material.

I pay particular attention to understanding both the context and the functional purpose of a translation. Technical accuracy is vital but so is capturing the nuance and tone of the original in order to engage the reader. Getting that part right is what I do – the art of translation.

Give me a try – I’m happy to provide a free sample translation for you to assess.


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