A flawless translation – not only is the terminology

accurate but the English is clear and comprehensible.

I offer quality translation of German texts into English, including:

  • Full text translation
  • Document summaries & key points
  • Translation checking and back-translation
  • Editing documents written in English by non-native speakers

My specialisms are:

  • Market Research (agency briefs, proposals, questionnaires, field briefs, code frames, presentations and reports)
  • Marketing, advertising & PR (brochures & leaflets, newsletters, press releases and statements, advertising copy, concepts, strategy and briefing documents)
  • General business documents (company reports, brochures, information leaflets and guides, business letters...)

The main fields in which I work are:

  • Consumer goods (fmcg, durables, consumer electronics)
  • Medical products and phamaceuticals
  • Tourism & the arts (hotels, museums, art galleries)
  • Universities & higher education